Henry’s Cooking Classes at Buttermilk Falls


Spice up your life with Cooking in Kitchen’s  Malaysian Cooking: Small Plates -Big Flavors class when Chef Annie Kunjappy will introduce you the to ingredients and (simple) techniques that make Malaysian cuisine one of the world’s most exciting.

During the interactive session, you’ll work with Chef Kunjappy to prepare a multi-dish Malaysian meal that will showcase the intoxicating blend of Polynesian, Chinese, Indian and Thai influences that characterizes Malaysian food. You’ll learn how to use spices and herbs that will expand your palate’s horizons as you create dishes with layers of powerful flavor – dishes just right for the coming heat of summer when you will want small portions that pack a powerful punch!

Class will begin at 6 p.m. and will be limited to just 12 participants.
The cost is $75.00 per person, including post-class diner with Chef Kunjappy
complemented by wine and take-away recipes.

Our classes are hands-on and designed to make you a more confident, capable and creative cook, whether you are new to the kitchen or an enthusiastic cook looking to take your skills to a new, more exciting level.